EC Guides & Publishing

Essential Communications, LLC has been specializing in the art of publication and print in Arizona for more than 15 years. Publishing now includes producing electronic versions as well that transfer well onto mobile devices and smart phones. BE UNIQUE – BE EFFECTIVE – HUMOR SELLS.

Print Publications

Popular print publications include the Cave Creek Visitor’s Guide which publishes 40,000 guides annually (entering its 15th year). Details can be found at Cave Creek Visitors Guide. We also annually produce a Concierges Golf Directory & Maps that feature Phoenix area golf course locations and are distributed throughout Arizona. This golf map can also be private labeled as a useful giveaway piece to promote your own business. We are also transforming the map into a digest size publication called The AZ Golf Experience. See the publication on our Publications page.

Our newest publication is The Gilbert Heritage Experience which focuses on the Gilbert Heritage District also often referred to as Downtown Gilbert. It’s an incredible entertainment district as well and this publication will help bring more people to experience the area and all that it offers.

Print Marketing

From Business Cards to private publications to wrapped canvas art, we can bring it to life to meet your needs. Our most popular items are: Postcards, Rack Cards, Brochures, Letterhead, Logo Envelopes, Flyers, and Sell Sheets. If you can dream it, we can probably help make it happen but it’ll probably cost a lot more than you think. We like to keep it simple so you don’t have to spend all your money. However, if you have plenty to spend, we can help with that too.

Direct Mail

Whether you have your own mailing list or you want to mail by zip code or even mail route, direct mail can now be very narrowly targeted like never before and we know how to do it effectively probably much more affordably than you think. You can target mail routes with as little as a few hundred people within a mile of your business or expand the reach to several miles and thousands of people. We do it for our customers all the time – let us do it for you too! Remember, social media works well for a lot of businesses but Facebook doesn’t earn $50+Billion (with B) in ad revenues by letting you reach all your customers for free! Direct mail is very effective in targeting people that may not be thinking of you otherwise. Of course, if you need help with Facebook, we can do that too.

We also specialize in 4, 8 or 12 page digest sized business guides created to assist with the specific needs of your customers. We like to call them “Property Guides” as they can easily include a map of your golf or resort property. Because they are customized to match your brand, they can add incredible value to the experience of your customers.

Large Format Products

We are a great source for Sidewalk signs, Foamcore signs, PVC signs, Coroplast signs, Banners, Banner Stands, Adhesives, Posters & Mounted Canvas. Although we service all types of businesses, we specialize in golf/resort signs and have several stock designs available to meet the needs of these types of facilities. You can see these signs at

Marketing Assistance

Our chief marketing guru has helped spend Millions of Dollars on advertising for small and medium size companies during the past 20+ years. However, more importantly, he produced many more Millions of Dollars in net operating income for his employers. For a very modest fee (he’s very generous that way), he will help you evaluate your marketing plan and enhance it where necessary.

Although he has spent millions, most of it was only in small amounts!


We build affordable websites! Our websites start at just $495. Don’t expect us to build the next Amazon for that price but if you need a professional looking website with a few pages of information, we can do that for you without breaking the bank. You say, you already have a website? Why would you need to update? If your website is more than a few years old, chances are that it was built without today’s standards of adjusting for multiple types and sizes of screens. For most businesses, it is likely that more than half of your site’s page views are now on mobile devices. You need to make sure your information functions properly on these devices. See our websites page for more information.